MAY 13

May 20
Break The Chains: 5k Walk

May 27
BECU Kids Activity Day
June 3
Outdoor Bazaar

June 10
Health & Wellness Day

June 17
BECU Kids Activity Day

June 24
July 1
Outdoor Bazaar

July 8
King Co. Library Day

July 15
Family Safety Day &
Community Resource Day &
WIC Distribution

July 22
WIC Distribution

July 29
WIC Distribution
October 7
Outdoor Bazaar

October 14
BECU Kids Activity Day

October 21

October 28
Season close
September 2
Outdoor Bazaar  &
Apple Fun Day

September 9
BECU Kids Activity Day

September 16

September 23
Chili Cook-Off

September 30
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May 13th through October 28th, every Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm
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Chili Cook-Off
2015 by
Alicia Tomlan
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